Skåne Food Innovation Network

Skåne Food Innovation Network (SFIN) is a non-profit association for the food sector. Our partners are businesses and organizations from the food sector and value chain, academia and public organizations. In our work we focus on how our region Skåne can be a leader in the national and international development of future food, beverages and meals. Based on the food industry and in a strong cooperation with other clusters, we contribute to the regional development through our work with regional, national and global issues such as sustainability, innovation and health. Thereby, we create an innovative, competitive and long term sustainable food industry. 

Our vision: An innovative, competitive and sustainable food industry

Our mission is to start and facilitate collaboration between the triple helix structure, e.g. businesses, academia and public organizations, to develop future food, beverages and meals that will benefit society. We take on challenges, and work with large and complex issues that no individual stakeholder can manage on their own. In doing so, we create unique collaborations and make way for new companies, business models and entrepreneurs. In doing so, we create success for others and provide unique opportunities within the food sector.  

We aim to be the best platform for stakeholders who want to collaborate and innovate together. 

Our model is to discover, test and disseminate

  • Through foresight seminars, trend spotting and contact with our partners and networks, we map the current and future challenges and new opportunities for the development of the food industry.
  • By initiating and implementing sharp projects for innovation pilots in collaboration with partners in the cluster, we test new solutions and dare to take risks that an individual actor itself can not take.
  • A successful pilot results in a model that we then spread to achieve systemic changes.

Our current focus areas

  • How the food industry can be more innovative.
  • To improve the public meal.
  • Attracting talent to the food sector (how the food industry can be an even more attractive workplace.)
  • How to make Skåne a culinary front region.

We are funded by our partners, Region Skåne and financiers in our different projects.

Silver Label of Cluster Management Excellence

We are awarded the SILVER label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI), initiated by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA).

Contact us

If you want to know more about Skåne Food Innovation Network (in Swedish ’Livsmedelsakademin’ ) and our international work, please contact Sara Fredström, or +46 79 – 304 06 97.