What are Innovation Guilds?

Innovation Guilds – a method for facilitating innovation Most of the times, successful innovations are created in interphases. Between different actors from different levels and sectors. And that is exactly what the Innovation Guilds stand for. It is an innovation strategy which is represented by so-called Systemic Meeting. We bring experts from different areas (systems) to discuss a certain problem based on a concrete story of a real end-user and find innovative solutions.

Systemic Meeting aims to create images of both, innovation potentials (WHAT can be achieved) and innovation processes (HOW it can be obtained). In addition, one of the aims is to build bridges between the actors in order to create an innovation community.

Video with Amanda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWykMz4NHok

In INCluSilver, we have identified challenges for the nutrition area of the elderly and we decided to organize 3 online Systemic Meetings having a different perspective each time. The first meeting was all about the senior’s point of view – feeling isolated, losing appetite and feeling excluded from the society. Second meeting was about the healthcare sector and what and how efficient e-health solutions could be implemented in order to increase the life comfort of the elderly.

Third meeting will take place in January 17th 2019 between 9.30-11.30 online and will be focusing on the entire supply chain with a strong focus on the production – why there is not more R&D and new innovations in general with a personalised-nutrition-for-the-elderly focus? Do the producers understand the needs of this group? Are the existing services on the market efficient? If not? Why?

If you are interested in the topic of the 3rd meeting, please don’t hesitate to reach out to zuzana.hruba(a)livsmedelsakademin.se and send in your CV. We are still looking for participants with the right background for the meeting.


Summary of the take-outs from the past INCluSilver Innovation Guilds Meetings:

1st Meeting – “Why don’t I feel like eating anymore”?

”First of all, there is a need of better understanding of the complex problem of the elderly individual by health professionals, e.g. developing better diagnosis tools. Furthermore, the availability of socialising and physical activity opportunities need to be increased. Lastly, there is an urgent need to educate young seniors about health in connection with physical activity and nutrition so they can prevent as many health complications as possible when they get older.”


2nd Meeting – “How to implement e-health solutions into the health care system”?

“Screening for the elderly in the primary care should be mandatory and new efficient tools must be developed. Marketing campaigns which raise the awareness about the nutritional area of the elderly should be implemented. A tool for flow of nutritional data shared among sectors needs to be developed.” 

Those take-outs have been promoted throughout the project as potential business opportunities for the SMEs so the right innovations can reach the market and fill in the gaps.