About Skåne Food Innovation Network

Skåne Food Innovation Network focus on how our region can be a leader in the national and international development of future food, drinks and meals.

Our work

  • Our work focus on how the food industry can be more innovative.
  • Our work aims to improve the public meal.
  • Our work focus on how the food industry can be an even more attractive workplace.
  • Our work focus on how to make Skåne a culinary frontal region.

Our model is to discover, test and disseminate

  • Through foresight seminars, trend spotting and contact with our partners, members and networks, we discover the future challenges and new opportunities for the development of food industry.
  • By making sharp innovation pilots in collaboration with the cluster, we test new solutions and dare to take a risk as an individual actor itself can not do.
  • A successful pilot results in a model that we then spread to achieve systemic changes.

International contacts

We focus our international contacts, projects and efforts through two networks that we actively participate in – Foodbest and European Food Alliance.

FoodNexus – the FoodKIC consortium

SFIN takes an active part in the preparations for a future KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community) in the food sector.

FoodNexus is a European consortium working to establish the strongest candidacy for a Food4Future KIC consortium, to lift food and innovation to an EU prioritized effort, and to secure a Food4Future KIC call from EIT. FoodNexus is industry driven, and important companies from Europe are already committed. FoodNexus seeks to involve the most innovative companies and universities in Europe to turn global challenges into business opportunities, increase competitiveness and stimulate economic growth. Global issues such as a growing world population, nutritional deficiency and obesity require an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to finding innovative solutions.

Learn more here.

European Food Alliance | www.europeanfoodalliance.eu

Working with the latest technologies and with top experts from all over Europe, testing and launching innovative ideas, products and ingredients at European level. 9 Successful agrifood clusters have joined forces in the European Food Alliance. They have a common goal: to provide agrifood companies the best service and network contacts from all over Europe in order to be able to attain to innovation and growth at an accelerated rate.

Contact us

If you want to know more about Skåne Food Innovation Network (in Swedish ’Livsmedelsakademin’ ) and our international work, please contact Lotta Törner, lotta.torner@livsmedelsakademin.se or
+46 70 580 59 09.

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